About The Designer

   A right-brainer in a left-brainer's body. -- CPA by day -- creating spreadsheets and a crafter, designer by night!   Twee's Touch, LLC  emerged organically - I walked the isles of Michael's just for grins and giggles --I loved the uniqueness and artistry in all handcrafted products. I took my first beading class at Michaels well over a decade ago.  I was THRILLED about making something that I first  visualized and conceptualized in my mind.  To see it come to life amazed me! 

Beading is only ONE of the things I LOVE to do! Ask any avid crafter and we'll buy "all the things" and want to do "all the things". I LOVE to bead and though I once considered myself a "bead snob" -- I found that  I love working with all types of products/mediums, gemstones, crystal, paper (yes paper! I have made some fabulous jewelry with paper), glass, ceramic, acrylic, clay...and the list goes on. I also, crochet (self-taught), loom knit and  I love paper crafts.  The biggest love of my life right now is digital art and design.  

  Just in case you want to know --"Twee" is a play on my real-life nickname :-) (Not telling ya!)  I LOVE to do this and will update the website with wonderful things - (more than bracelets) -- stay tuned and sign up to be on my email list.  I have a bevy of great surprises coming!

You've been touched by Twee! :-)